What why did you pay so much to see the movie? I went to a cheap theater and paid 11 for two people. v.v movies are expensive at a normal one it's like 9 for one ticket. Bluh.

To be fair I didnt know it was going to be so much when we decided to go see it. AMC charges a ton. And actually raised their prices since last time. And on the other end of the spectrum I live down the street from a $2 theater where I saw Captain America: Winter Soldier. Twice.

People in the gaming industry will often use the price of movies as a comparison for Hours of entertainment /dollar spent. $10/2 hours for a movie. $60-90 for potentially unlimited hours of entertainment with some RPG books. Or $60 for a board game. And so forth.

Lords of Waterdeep. Both expansion modules. #Gaming #Tabletop #DungeonsandDragons

Lords of Waterdeep. Both expansion modules. #Gaming #Tabletop #DungeonsandDragons

50 Shades of Grey is to Kink what Mazes and Monsters is to D&D.

#Catan #StarTrek edition. W/ @magiceltrever @thereclinerjockey #Gaming #Tabletop

#Catan #StarTrek edition. W/ @magiceltrever @thereclinerjockey #Gaming #Tabletop


A few misc. shots from our second session with Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

Time for #Catan #Gaming #Tabletop

Time for #Catan #Gaming #Tabletop

I saw your post about the Firefly game... is it a good game? I was thinking about getting it but wanted your opinion on it first!

I do like it. It feels very much like the show and immerses you into the Verse in a fun way. While there are a lot of rules, the game is overall very easy to learn, it just takes a little bit to learn all the little things.

That being said-

The game takes a while to play. I always kinda forget that when we start. Expect to spend a good 4 hours playing it. Especially the first time. As you saw, lots of bits to keep track of and use up table space. The game can be frustrating sometimes. My friend last night, his ship just kept getting hit by reavers and he kept losing his crew. So he didnt enjoy the game as much as he could have. But my other friend loved it, and won the game on his first play.

I recommend it, but know its not for everyone.

First where can I get me that Firefly game, second did you know that there is a Clue Firefly edition coming out?

I always suggest getting a game at your FLGS. Friendly Local Game Store.  Its good to support your local businesses. The same type of stores that sell D&D or Warhammer or other nerdy games are likely to have Firefly.

If you live in an area that doest have easy access to a FLGS, Amazon is sure to carry it.

I was unaware of a Firefly themed Clue. I wonder if they are going to add or  change any rules for it.

This game takes up a lot of table space. #Firefly #Tabletop #Gaming

This game takes up a lot of table space. #Firefly #Tabletop #Gaming

Playing #Firefly #Tabletop #Gaming

Playing #Firefly #Tabletop #Gaming

Heart of Fire by sheppardarts
Do you know where you can learn and play D&D online? I've been meaning to play for a while now, but I don't have the means or energy to go out to the local comic shop to actually go and play. (Bonus points if most guys won't be shitty because I'm a girl)

First, I would direct you to this link. It is a list of resources for finding people to play with both online and in person.

As for where to learn to play the game itself, Ive always found it best to learn with other people. The game can have a lot of rules and questions inevitably come up. Many online games are willing to take in new players, but I suggest you at least get familiar with the basics of the game.

You have stats, Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, etc. You have skills. You have defenses.

Download or purchase a copy of the main book, for whatever game you are looking to play, Pathfinder, D&D, etc, and read as much as you can. once you find a group ask the Game Master for some one on one time to make a character and go over the basics. Most of the rules and explanations will come up during play itself.

Another piece of advice is to listen to podcasts. While the use of gaming lingo and jargon will be weird at first, it will make sense after a while. I would also suggest looking into Actual Play podcasts. These are where you listen to people playing the game. While they wont break down the rules for you, you can at least glean an understanding of many through context.

The Jank Cast is a solid podcast, though they usually play games other than D&D. Look through their episode archives. Look for what piques your interest. They may point you toward other podcasts that offer more your style. And if you decide to contact them, they are all good people. (And Megan runs the cast, so you need not worry about being treated bad for being a girl.)

If you ever do gain the means to find a meatspace game, I would suggest playing by all means. Its the best way to learn, its a fun experience, and you can make new friends. The Pahtfinder society at my Thursday night gaming store started out as two tables. Now they run six, and Id say half the players are women. So thats pretty awesome. In fact, a few weeks ago, there was a table of all girls. Players and GM.

I hope this helps.

Good luck.


7 Fun Ways To Make Your Desk Job More Like An RPG

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So, TableTop gaming has really changed my life.


Two years ago (in August), I had my first panic attack on the way to work. I had to quit my job and pretty much became a recluse for the first four months. They come very frequently, even when I’m at home and it’s ruined my life as I know it. I couldn’t -and still can’t- leave the house by myself. Like, at all. I can’t even walk down my street on my own.

A year ago, I was talking to a friend of mine and he mentioned that he’d seen TableTop on G&S’s youtube channel. So, I watched it, enjoyed it and then, he said he’d bought Ticket To Ride and that we should play it. We did, awesome…

He then mentioned the notion of starting a local gaming club in town… and I freaked. I started saying sentences that contained ‘I can’t’ ‘What if?’ ‘Not happening’ and generally just like ‘I will die!’. He goes ‘You can. Just try. I’ll help you.’

Now, I’ve officially been diagnosed as having severe social anxiety and agoraphobia. At the time, I shook with fear at the thought of seeing people outside of my house.

However, I realised that as soon as I got to the place, I felt okay. (My sister had to drive me)

I’ve been playing there for a year, getting out of the house, and I’m getting better. I now walk to club every week. I love table top games and I can now say, after two years of suffering, I’m getting my life back and I owe it to gaming.

TableTop made me want to see people again. I hated people for making me feel worse. I’m now getting to like people again and it makes me happy so…

Thank you Wil. Thank you Felicia. Thank you EVERYONE who works on TableTop. You’ve saved my life.

This is what Gaming is all about.