G.I. Jeff — A Real Greendale Hero


One of many things Community did right with this episode was Jeff Winger. He is very clearly not the “type” to be playing Dungeons & Dragons. He doesn’t get fantasy tropes, he doesn’t care to remember the name of anything, but he doesn’t dismiss the game because of it. It would be really easy to have him be that character who is Too Cool For This Silly Game, but he isn’t. The way he engages with the game shows it’s not just a ridiculous, melodramatic fantasy narrative - it’s problem-solving. And even in a game he doesn’t understand, he will use the means available him to solve the issue at hand, just like Jeff Winger does every other time he’s trying to solve a problem at Greendale.

And I love that about this episode. It pulls characterization and conflict from an interwoven, dual narrative between the story in the game and at the table, where the characters’ enthusiasm and emotional investment in the game isn’t played off as the joke.

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Britta Perry in “App Development and Condiments”


Bloodlines of Conquest (aka Game of Thrones) in Community S05E06

"Mr. Chang, state your name."

You chose to spray this crap on purpose because you didn’t care what happened.

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