I got to spend some time with artist Otis Frampton at Wizard World this weekend. I know many of you are fans of his Alphabet series above.

Well, just to let you know its in the works to turn it into an animated series.

Guns and girlsby elsevilla
90s X-Men by RDauterman

Artwork by capricious-wolf

Fantasy Landscapes

by ~ReneAigner

I was in the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. Took these. Ive been there before, but these jumped out at me this time. I guess it shows how Ive changed and grown that same things Ive seen before have new meaning.

The Big Bang Theory - The Adventurers Wallpaper by *theDURRRRIAN

Im not really the biggest TBBT fan anymore, but this is cool.

Aphrodite 9….who you gonna call? by *nebezial
Ruins by *IIDanmrak
Game of Thronesby ~Baishare