Pikatronus by PastyWhite
Ive never seen Breaking Bad but why do I have the feeling there is fanfic where Snape and Malfoy are the main characters?

Hogwarts Castle Paper Model - Finished by ana-wandmaker

Here it is the whole view of the castle, made with a lot of paper, a bit of styrofoam, almost 4L of glue, and a really long time :phew:
By far the most difficult thing i have ever done, and i am so happy that i was able to find the time between semesters to finished it, i hope you guys like it, and if you want to see more of it go to my gallery to see more pictures and WIP’s :gallery:

About the dimensions it’s set on a sheet of styrofoam of 175cmX170cm nad the highest tower is 99cm tall. :)

No matter your fandom, there are voices calling out to you.

Stay strong.

You are not alone.

 - Double Trouble
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Tis the Season.

We were playing Forbidden Island.

I made the Goblet of Fire.

I wonder if anyone who now watches Harry Potter and sees Filch will go into a blind rage and flashback to Walder Frey….


A Slytherin Speaks by emmablackery

im not even a slytherin, im a ravenclaw, but i can’t tell you how much i hate house sterotypses

That sounds like something a Ravenclaw would say….

Fandom. A short summation.

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Go on. Press play.

Peace through power.
Something I put together.

Peace through power.

Something I put together.

Saw this on the road.

Saw this on the road.

Umm.. DUH??



Harry Potter Plot Twist

What the fuck is wrong with you

I think its kind of interesting…